Friday, February 27, 2009

The old fashioned mad libs

ok, here is what I want to try. I'll give you a list of things to give me, and like the old madlibs- you won't know the story.

When everyone is done, I'll post the stories...and pick a winner.

Let's try, if it's too hard, we can give up ;0

Your list will be in the comment section so that you can see it while you comment...

good luck and GO!


Tera Rose said...


Room in a House:



Piece of Furniture:


Room in a House:



Piece of Furniture:

A Liquid:



Tera Rose said...

ps, you can copy and paste to make it easier.

Erin said...


Verb: waterskiing

Room in a House: attic

Adjective: mighty

Noun: island

Piece of Furniture: nightstand

Noun: window

Room in a House: kitchen

Verb: slowly

Noun: pizza

Piece of Furniture: ottoman

A Liquid: dish soap

Number: 47

Noun: Ice cube

Delirious said...

Verb: Gargling

Room in a House: closet

Adjective: Musty

Noun: diaper

Piece of Furniture: Recliner

Noun: Postman

Room in a House: Foyer

Verb: spitting

Noun: Burrito

Piece of Furniture: dresser

A Liquid: gasoline

Number: 2

Noun: spatula

Nene said...

Verb: Singing

Room in a House: Basement

Adjective: squeaky

Noun: Dog

Piece of Furniture: Rocking chair

Noun: professor

Room in a House: den

Verb: Sneezing

Noun: taco

Piece of Furniture: recliner

A Liquid: diet coke

Number: 12

Noun: safety pin

Davida said...

Verb: matriculate

Room in a House: attic

Adjective: ginormous

Noun: peanut

Piece of Furniture: antique rocking chair

Noun: gerbil

Room in a House: basement

Verb: jump

Noun: hippopotomous

Piece of Furniture: trundle bed

A Liquid: pepto bismal

Number: 3.14

Noun: bobble-head doll

Davida said...

these are gonna be great!! :-)

as an aside, this whole mad-libs thing brings back some great memories to me from a period in my life that can bring me bad memories and lots of stress and sorting through things. it is nice to be reminded that in the midst of the crap there were some good times!! thank you!

Sara said...


Verb: jiggle
adj: spiny
Noun: lei
furniture: step stool
noun: cat
room: mud room
verb: jostle
noun: traffic cone
furniture: rocking chair
liquid: coffee!
number: 12
noun: glue

Mike said...

Verb: Wallow

Room in a House: Study

Adjective: standard

Noun: reason

Piece of Furniture: Ottoman

Noun: Vehicle

Room in a House: Laundry Room

Verb: Drink

Noun: Telephone

Piece of Furniture: Futon

A Liquid: Ethyl Alcohol

Number: 27

Noun: Substance

Tera Rose said...

is that everyone? I'll wait one more day.....

Sue said...

Eh? Wah? I don't get it, but I will nevertheless submit:

Verb: Fornicate

Room in a House: Kitchen

Adjective: gargantuan

Noun: giant telescope

Piece of Furniture: pouffe

Noun: sandwich

Room in a House: Bedroom

Verb: Roll

Noun: Flower

Piece of Furniture: Lamp

A Liquid: Kentucky straight soft whisky type Jim Beam

Number: 5

Noun: Computer

Sara said...

oh geez. sorry, didn't mean to hold everythign up. An extra room: attic.