Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Definition Game

It would appear that I have had a momentary stroke of creativity (and the rest of you have obviously been busy) and managed to find myself in the position of coming up with the next game. Looking back through the posts I find myself humbled to be in the midst of such creative minds.

Without looking it up, give the definition of the word "flibbertigibbet and use it in a sentence.


Delirious said...

Okay, I'm still thinking on this one, but I'm going to let someone else go first because I learned my lesson about going first. ;)

Sue said...

Because she was feeling all flibbertigibbet decided that she might stay home and have a quiet night in front of the television

Delirious said...

Flibbertigibet: A gall bladder that is seizing up.

Tom clutched his chest in pain of flibbertigibet after eating a whole plate of onion rings.

Erin said...

Well I've only ever heard this word used in one context so I'll say...

flibbertigibbet: flighty or easily distracted; fanciful.

The hummingbird was flibbertigibbet while hunting bugs in the tree.

eutychus said...

flibbertigibbet: accusing someone of lying- with your mouth full.

"Yo're a flibbertigibbet" he blustered incoherently, bits of turkey showering the guests.

Erin-you're too smart or you're peaking. ;) You should not be hanging around with people who talk like this in polite company. :)

Nene said...

Jane was a hopeless flibbertigibbet, wandering from desk to desk talking to co-workers, being seemingly unable to sit at her own and do her work.

eutychus said...

"pain of flibbertigibet after eating a whole plate of onion rings."

I've had this one on more than one occasion...

Valorosa said...

Someone actually knew the meaning of this word ...
Erin wherever did you hear this?

The cat's out of the bag so should we call for a new word from Eutychus? :-)

Valorosa said...

Could you all check my blog and help find a little 8 year old girl from my neck of the woods? :-(

Erin said...

The Sound of Music:

"How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Maria?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!"

Sorry for spoiling it!

Valorosa said...

lol pretty delightful :-)

Pick us another cool one Eutychus, that HAD to be a fluke.

I guess in the future if you know the meaning you will have to disqualify yourself ??? Would that be fair?

Delirious said...

Actually, I knew this word from 'Charolotte's Web", but I tried to invent a new meaning. :) The goose in the story calls someone a flibertigibet.

Sue said...

I knew this because a few weeks ago - a few WEEKS ago - I asked my mother what a flibbertigibbet was.

How strange!

Sue said...

I realised I didn't put a meaning for mine. Mine was "the uneasy butterfly sense Gibbet feels when she's been burning the candle at both ends"

Valorosa said...

ok then I guess the game still stands

Here's my entry then

The kind of motion made by divers with their foot wear. :-)

Check out my blog for some new evidence for the little girl I have told you about.

eutychus said...

'Charolotte's Web", THAT's where I heard it! I could not remember. (getting old)
If you know the definition it doesn't matter. The way I understand the game (I did a terrible job of explaining) You just make up a definition. And you guys do a great job! I get quite a few chuckles visiting here. Delirious, I don't have to choose a winner do I? That would be far to difficult. If perchance, it is my call, how long shall we go on till we declare a "flibbertigibbet" champion?

Sue said...

Does anyone recommend the recent movie version of Charlotte's Web? You know, I have never read that book and always meant to.

Delirious said...

Eutychus, you do indeed need to declare a winner. :) Usually I wait until I think I've given everyone a chance to respond, then even if there aren't many answers, I go ahead and choose a winner. In this case, it seems most everyone has responded, so I say go for it. :)

eutychus said...

I didn't think I would enjoy it but both of my boys (then 7 and 11 if I remember correctly) enjoyed it and to my surprise so did I. We actually bought the dvd and have watched it since on numerous occasions. (the boys are 9 and 13 now. I'm not one for remakes but this one was fairly good.

eutychus said...

Sigh- this is too much work. :-)
Too hard to decide.

At first I thought I'd choose Delirious but decided to take points off for anatomy. (I don't think you'd grab your chest if your gall bladder is acting up.:-)
Besides, she's making me pick a winner...:-)

(I'm grasping at straws here can you tell?)

Points off if you used the actual definition. ( I know, I know, I didn't explain the rules very well but I'm new and I followed Delirious' lead (more points off) and besides, D said I could be the judge so I can do that, right?

Erin gets extra points for singing, but not enough to help her score. :-)

I seem to recall, but may be, and probably am, mistaken, that Sue has referenced burning the candle at both ends in a previous post but either way she sounds like she may need a rest and so I won't add to the pressure by adding the responsibilities of a new game AND judging.

SO- the winner would have to Valorosa who made me chuckle with a visual of someone walking about in flippers. (Even though I think she meant the motion in the water)

There- I did it. I hope you've all learned something from this. Namely- don't pick Eutychus as winner, which shouldn't be hard since I rarely get creative flashes more than once a year.
Ya'll have a good evening. ;-)

Sue said...

LOL Eutychus! :) (I keep thinking of eucalyptus)

That is very observant of you that I need a rest because I am, as we speak, having a mental health day from work :)

Valorosa said...


What a conversation that word generated.

Thank you Eutychus :-)

eutychus said...

Sue-"I keep thinking of eucalyptus"
I think eucalyptus is the translation in the horticulturalist's Bible however that is not my preferred translation. (the word horticulture reminds me of a Dorothy Day quote but I'll abstain from sharing) But as the little striped guy in "Bambi" said, "you can call me eucalyptyus if you want to." (again, that's one of the modern translations)

Sue, Val, Delirious and all of the rest, thank you for a warm welcome to me, a complete stranger, to your little community. You've made me feel quite welcome.