Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hearing is_____
Seeing is _____
Touching is _____
Tasting is _____
Smelling is _____
Knowing is _____

Define the senses in the whackiest way you can think of. :-)


Delirious said...

Hearing is_____listening to your child practice the drums.

Seeing is _____noticing the messy back of your child's hair as they run off to school.

Touching is _____reaching in to your child's backpack and finding something you didn't want to touch even if you could see it.

Tasting is _____trying your children's cooking creations

Smelling is _____ finding an old sock in the bottom of the sheets on the bed.

Knowing is _____ sitting with a puppy on your lap and feeling something warm and wet on your leg

eutychus said...

Hearing is_____gone

Seeing is _____fading

Touching is _____scheduled

Tasting is _____not nearly as much fun on a low-fat/high fiber diet

Smelling is _____not adviseable when there are two boys in the house (and one is 14)

Knowing is _____loading the dishwasher or folding the clothes and realizing your wife will come behind you and re-do it all.

Delirious said...

LOL Eutychus....I identify a little too closely to your list. :)

Nene said...

Hearing is _____talking on the phone with your daughter for 2 hours (Thank goodness for Skype!)

Seeing is ______ that
special "someone" coming through airline security

Touching is ____invading other people's space

Tasting is _____enjoying hot chile peppers

Smelling is _____hunting down and finally finding that rotten potato in your pantry

Knowing is ____telling your son he can't go with his friends on a road trip and finding out later his friends got arrested for shoplifting at Disney World.

eutychus said...

I was thinking the same thing with your backpack comment, but I've pretty much learned to not reach in there anymore. My wife, however,still makes the mistake occasionally.

Nene- I'm going to the pantry right now and looking for the potatoe. Perhaps my son is off the hook this time...probably not but maybe.

eutychus said...

lol- I wrote "potatoe" -Doh!

Delirious said...

Don't worry Eutychus, even the Vice President had trouble with that one. ;) lol

Nene said...

Eutychus, isn't a "potatoe" the thing that grows out of a potato when you it them in the pantry too long? jk - :0)

eutychus said...

lol Nene- "isn't a "potatoe" the thing that grows out of a potato when you it them in the pantry too long?"

That's funny! If it's not it should be! Sounds like a new game!

On another note- do you have a family member in the military? Reason I ask is that some of your responses (reference to Skype and someone coming through airport security) makes me think you might. I used skype a few times while in Iraq. Just curious.

Ruth said...

You guys are hilarious! I just can't compete. Maybe I'll come back if I think of something.

Valorosa said...

Cool stuff
I didn't realize these answers would show a glimpse of little things about you all ;-)

Most interesting is the answers for touching.

Every one has a negative connotation.

Goo in the backpack
Scheduled ... hmmm
Invading another's space


Leaning toeward Delirious

woops got potatoe in my head ...

which incidentally is a stew made of toes.

It's yours D

Delirious said...

Okay, I'm leaving a comment just so I can set our next round of play. :)

Delirious said...

bah...it didn't give me a word verification.

eutychus said...

Val- "Scheduled" isn't a negative connotation. The fireworks display on the 4th of July is scheduled...;-)

Valorosa said...

Thanks for letting me in on that Eutychus ;-)