Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Word Verification; Because I'm Not Tired of it Yet :P

This word verification sounds like a real word to me. But I don't want you to give me the real meaning if there is one. Just make up your own definition and use it in a sentence.



eutychus said...

Exigist- a joke made upon one's leaving the room.

With that one biting exigist, he was gone.

Nene said...

Exigist- someone who takes all the fun out of something.

Mom, you're such an exigist! Why do we have to get off of the roof? We were just getting ready to light the rocket!

Nene said...

Sorry, I know that was 3 sentences. :0+

Erin said...

Exigist - a person skilled at the art of leaving places or events, i.e. a person who always has somewhere else they need to go.

"Oh that Joanne! Every time we make a coffee date, she can only stay for 15 minutes before she has to leave to do something else!"

Sue said...

Exigist - an academic explaining something while pea soup vomits out of their mouth.

Because Joe Bloggs was an exigist, the cleaners always drew straws to see who would clean up the lecture theatre and tutorials after he had teached his classes.

Valorosa said...

An idea spouter or a teacher.

The exigist thoroughly explained until he knew his audience finally caught the gist of the new topic.

Delirious said...

Okay, I think I'm going to call this one. I have to say that I laughed all the way through these. You guys never let me down!

It was really hard to decide because they were all really good. Every time I would read one I would think, "Okay, this is the one"...but then the next one would have me saying that too!

I'm still having a hard time deciding, but I think I"m going to go with Sue for visual effect. ;)

Congratulations Sue!!