Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Word Verification

Let's do some more Word Verification. This is an actual word verification that I got today while commenting on some blogs. Give me a definition and use it in a sentence.

The word is: STURV


Valorosa said...

How ever did you know that this is the name of my RV?


Me and Stu have many a joyous trip.


eutychus said...

(singing) Me and you, (and) an RV named Stu, travelin' and livin' on the land..." Oh wait, that's not right..
A fine example of sturv perhaps.

Nervy statements that also happen to be really stupid.

For example, The man who actually ventures an answer (any answer) other than "no" to the question, "does this make me look fat."

As in, "That answer took alot of sturv, no wonder he wound up in the ER."

Delirious said...

STURV: a combination of the words "stingy" and "nervy", used to refer to someone who is so stingy that it gets on your nerves.

When John made Sally share his all you can eat salad plate instead of paying for a separate one for her, she thought to herself, "Oh the STURV of him!"

eutychus said...

D-great minds think (almos) alike (and only 5 minutes apart)

I actually used my word in conversation with my wife tonight at dinner. As part of a conversation about a local Spanish teacher, (who, rumor has it, divided her class between hispanics and whites-another story) we were discussing the deomographics of the school. I said well only 17% of the students are white and 12% black so that leaves (never being to quick with numbers) about 70% hispanic (meaning it wouldn't be a clear division) To which my wife corrected my statement with "69%"

I looked at her and said that I couldn't believe she corrected me for 1%. The I told her that her answer took alot of "sturv." And frankly my responce took more. Luckily she still laughed after I gave her my definition.

eutychus said...

Let's break out the red pen and try again...

That would be: TheN I told her that her answer took alot of "sturv." And frankly my responSe took more. Luckily she still laughed after I gave her my definition.

Nene said...

Valorosa, you and Stu are just going to have to learn eutychus' song and sing it everytime you go RV-ing! :0)

I'm lovin' the answers!

Erin said...

Sturve is when an angry driver is busy muttering or using a mean gesture at another driver, and not watching the road, therefore causing them to swerve.

Valorosa said...


Is it me or is anyone else noticing more and more sturvy drivers on the road ... just sort of rude fo any little thing?

Like grossly overreactionary.

Is it because of the cost of a bump?
Do you think this is at the core of the rage?

Or do we all just turn into warriors traveling in enemy territory when we get behind the wheel.


eutychus said...

WHAT THE @#$% DO YOU MEAN "grossly overreactionary!!!!!!!!!"

and as a foloow up:
Do you think its restricted only to the roads?

Just askin'...;-)

eutychus said...

um....apparently I was grossly mistyping as well. That would be "follow up."

Valorosa said...

I would say mostly while driving or over the phone or anywhere the person can rant without someone reaching out and boxing their ears ... LOL

Nene said...

Well I'm guessing that no one else is going to participate, so I am calling this one.

I have to give this one to Eutychus! I have heard several stupid and nervy statements from people who had a lot of "sturv" since he coined this definition. We may have to send this one in to Mr. Webster. :0)

I loved everyone's answers! Ball's in your court eutychus!