Friday, June 20, 2008


Okay, in the interest of us all cheering ourselves up,




Katherine Gunn said...

Taking a real vacation with a good friend.

Thankfully Broken said...


Happy said...

Sleep :)

Tyler Dawn said...

a hug from the child who told you he hated you five minutes ago

hey guys, on a personal note, would you please be in prayer for one of my 7 year old twins, Matthew. He has suddenly (within the past 48 hours) become uncontrollable -- stealing, spewing out hateful words, attacking me physically. This is not him. He is actually my compliant twin.

Anyway, yesterday morning I woke up and tried to eat but I couldn't, and this always happens when the Lord calls me onto a fast. I am praying that it has something to do with Matthew and maybe something generational. You see, the boys bf (they are adopted) was also the oldest of twins and at a young age started stealing and is now a convicted felon, guilty of, among other things, sexual assault (which is how the boys were conceived) and he is a manipulative liar and predator. I have talked with him on the phone and the level of bondage he is under is unlike anything I have ever encountered. Anyway, from time to time Matt does this, maybe once every one or two years since he was three and each time it's the same thing with uncontrollable bouts of rage and stealing and food hoarding, and then all of a sudden he is normal again, but as he gets older it gets worse and it scares me as a mom. He is a sweet gentle soul. He has no idea of who or what his bf is, and has never asked as the center of his world is his daddy, my husband.

Anyway, if you would please pray I would be so grateful. In times like these my rage gets triggered too and I am fighting it but it scares me. I have control issues and they are definitely getting revealed in theur full ugliness.

Thanks guys.

Rob said...


Thankfully Broken said...

Tyler Dawn,
Praying for you and your family.

jON said...

wading barefoot

Rob said...

*slaps forehead*

Forgot to put that. Yeah, Tyler Dawn, we're praying for you as well. That sounds very familiar, somehow.

Ruth said...

Praying for you for sure and your son for sure Tyler.

Refreshing is:

Summertime Watermelon

Tyler Dawn said...

Thanks everyone, I can't tell you how much it means to me and I can really feel your prayers.

Mike said...

Tyler Dawn ~ I am most definitely praying for you, your son and your whole family.

With that in answer

People that you have never met joined in prayer for you..

of course, barefoot wading is an awesome answer from jon

Sara said...

and . . . this round goes to

wading barefoot

congrats, jON!

jON said...


tyler, as i'm sure you know, we're all praying for you. thanks for being transparent. please, don't anyone ever hesitate to share need. we ALL need help so there's no shame in asking.

just got home from work. give me a couple of hours to wind down, spend time with the wife, and come up with another adjective...

Erin said...

Tyler Dawn, I'm praying too. That has to be unsettling, I pray God brings peace and insight!