Monday, June 2, 2008


Welcome to Apples to Apples!

If you were playing on Jon's blog and haven't received an invite to be a contributor to this blog yet, please e-mail me at:

erinword at gmail dot com

I didn't have everyone's e-mail addresses, so not everyone will have received one...but I hope to have remedied that by the end of this round. When you accept your invite, I'll add your name and link to the Participants widget.

I'll put up the first adjective since it is my turn. Your can then post your submissions in the comments.

Also: I decided to keep the template simple for now, but if you have any suggestions of something you'd like to see be different as far as the format or template, please say so. I'm giving everyone Admin privileges, so if you have an idea and we decide to implement it, go for it.

Let's Play!


jON said...

are starting a new game?

jON said...

oh, and many thanks erin. it has been wonderful having everyone over, but i am glad to have a different place to play so that i can move on with my blog now that i'm ready.

Erin said...

Were we holding you back, Jon?

Thanks for the great idea, it's been tons of fun. Something to look forward to every day.

jON said...

well, i try to be as accessable as possible as a blog host. move where the spirit leads, you know? if a "room" has life in it, i like to leave it as open and easy for people to find as possible. since the apples to apples "room" had turned into such a great party, i didn't want to do anything to disrupt it. but that feeling has only come on recently.

more than anything, it was a chance to sit back and not think too hard for awhile with great people. and get to know some great new people along the way. i needed that for awhile. but now i'm starting to feel a little queasy again. i think the word vomit's coming back. you know my little problem...

Thankfully Broken said...

Thanks Erin and Jon. I really look forward to playing and getting to know everyone better. Thanks, Kim

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invitation. :)