Wednesday, July 23, 2008



As hard as I tried to find a good N word, I will leave it to my betters.

And if anyone thinks to ply my favor with a little bear think again, he is off limits ;) but I talked with my brother and he is eating again yeah!

I just need something cheerful, I broke my special needs son's leg yesterday and got in a car accident (my fault) today. :( So make 'em good!


Valorosa said...

Wow sorry to hear about that ... did you get hurt as well?

Erin said...

Oh my gosh! Tyler! Are you OK? What happened to your son?

Precious: The One Ring

(Before anyone else takes it.)

jON said...

a special needs son's smile

TD, that's really messed up! any specifics we can help with or pray for?

we're community here, right?

Katherine Gunn said...

Tyler... {{{{{HUG}}}}}

You know, really, this fits (and I don't want to win this round, seriously)...

Tyler Dawn

Susan said...


... red and yellow, black and white they are precious in his sight ...

Thinking of you.

Sue said...

Tyler! Mein Gott! Are you okay??


Precious: Friday afternoon, 5.01 pm

Tyler Dawn said...

Thanks guys (and Katherine, that cracked me up).

What happened to Andy was just 100%pure stupidity on my part goofing at the pool, broke his right Tibia almost completely through and he is in a full leg cast for the next three weeks. And the car accident was low speed so no one was hurt except for cars but it was completely my fault. There is this confusing freeway entrance intersection here in Austin, actually they all confuse me (I used to live in the Bay Area and none of it confused me like it does here) and I went straight instead of turning and got in a wreck.

So anyway, I've just been crying ever since. I don't know why God moved us here, everything has been wrong since we moved here and yet we had lots of confirmation beforehand. I am a total country girl :(. I have been having a series of dreams about my husband quitting his job that is stressing me out as well, seems like there is no relief night or day.

Katherine Gunn said...


I'm glad you're okay.

I understand. I know that what I'm doing (TRYING) to get an apartment and a job is exactly what I'm supposed to do. And today, I was in gear applying for an apartment that, as I was looking at it - walking through it - I knew was the one. Then had a phone interview for a job that was wonderful (not sure who it was talking so confidently, 'cause it sure didn't feel like me).

Now? I am on the edge of freaking out and breaking down. I know I should just go to bed, but I don't really want to wake up. I am afraid. And I was so confident earlier. Right now, everything feels wrong. But I don't think that means I'm 'out of line.' I think that is the old religious brainwashing trying to rear it freaking ugly head. Short story long, ( ;-) ) Just things seeming all wrong doesn't necessarily mean they are?

Love you, girl!
Just keep holding on to the back of Papa's pant-leg...

Thankfully Broken said...


Hugs and prayers, great to hear your brother is eating. Sorry about the car, glad you are ok. I am sure the next three weeks will be challenging, let yourself off the hook. Praying you can all use some humor to diffuse the stress.
Love, Kim

Sounds like you found your inner strength and then were attacked. You are beautifully and wonderfully made, praying you forward.
Love, Kim

Sara said...

Precious: Sleep, to a nursing mom with a newborn.

Tyler Dawn said...

Thanks ladies, you know this feels like the church of "Philadelphia" to me :)

Happy said...

sorry to go with the obvious, but I think of all things one could apply the word "precious" to, my favorite is JESUS.

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him
How I've proved Him o'er and o'er
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus
O for grace to trust Him more.

May all who need Him find Him VERY close today. Love and hugs to all of you, church.

grace and peace,

Tyler Dawn said...

Happy, that reminds me of one night snugling the boys. We had been doing a lot of driving and they had been listening to Bob and Larry (Veggie Tales) singing worship songs and one of their favorites was "Oh How I love Jesus"

So one day I was talking with them about Jesus' blood and Matt turns to me, utterly serious and says, "Mamma, Jesus' blood is PRECIOUS."

Awww... kids are so cute.

Happy said...

aren't they though? :)

out of the mouth of babes... TD, that is a *great* story. :)

Tyler Dawn said...

I'll be judging first thing in the morning :)

Happy, I laughed so hard!

Valorosa said...

A newborn any species :-)

Tyler Dawn said...

This was really hard because everyone had a good answer...

Jon, had you used any other magnet, you would have won hands down, but it did detract from the cuteness factor lol

So Valorosa has it with any species of newborn. I am a sucker for baby animals.....

Sara said...

now wait a sec . . . didn't you say Little Smokey was off limits? Isn't "baby animals" just an extension? :)

Tyler Dawn said...

Actually her answer wasn't baby animals, it was "a newborn of any species" and my mind immediately went to baby chinchillas, which, I am sorry but are just PRECIOUS.

Besides that, Lil Smokey is 6 months old, so not technically a newborn ;)

jON said...

no problem, you go with what you got... getting a picture of zaavan(ZAY-ven) smiling is near impossible. that picture is the best one we have. but all we really have is the picture of the picture as it stood on my fridge 2 years ago, held up by the world's greatest magnet. :-)

Valorosa said...

Woohoo ... ;-)


No pouting Jon

jON said...