Friday, July 25, 2008




Valorosa said...

We were told that we were going to have another psychiatrist but it seems that the psychiatrist we have seen is a colleague of the one who has caused us so much grief.
I was told that she would be letting us know if she would take my son's case on. Instead, after talking with her we are asked if we will continue on with the present one.
Interesting indeed.

Please pray ... the Lord is doing something great here. I am serene even though I should be hopping mad as they have deceived me once again.

Katherine Gunn said...

A winter desert day - far from the nearest town

Tyler Dawn said...

praying hon :(

The Garden

Sara said...

a fresh pot of coffee and a quiet hour before any of the kids are awake

Erin said...

The ocean.

Where I will be in a few days.

Happy said...

Lewis Lake, in Yellowstone National Park. :)

jON said...

if you are asked if you will continue with the present one, can't you say no? are they aware of the unethical behavior? or is it no big deal in canada to manipulate your patients and drive wedges in between the family?

a day with no responsibilities

Rob said...


I'm praying for you too.

Mike said...

Sorry I have been absent. I am praying for all of you who need them now.

Since Rob took my snow answer, I will answer with THIS VIEW

Taken from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. This is the one place on earth in which I have never been closer to God.

Ruth said...

inner peace

Susan said...

A cemetery (!)

Valorosa said...

Susan you and your cemetary
Nice pic Mike.
I hear ya big time Rob.
So many good answers, I can see them all... but I've never been to the desert, kg.

Jon yea no responsibilities. ;-)

I DID say no, and they are supposed to be looking into that.
I have written the College of Physicians to get their take on it. Hoping to hear from them soon.

But even though I said no ... she some how is still seeing my son and not talking to me. She can't do anything without my ok but she avoids me like the plague.

So NOW the envelope please.....

drum roll

the prize goes to

Sara ... I remember those days and the moments of peace and quiet were few and far between. So they were cherished more than ever.