Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The asparagus

Write one sentence beginning with the words provided below.
Famous quote are prohibited.
Winner will be the most interesting answer, as determined by moi.

"The asparagus ..."

(Now, does this get labelled under A or T?)


Delirious said...

The asparagus dangled temptingly from her lips as she sat quietly at the edge of the pond fishing for a turtle.

(and no, I've never hunted turtle with asparagus before. :P)

Tera Rose said...

The asparagus, with a pen and paper in his hand, leaned over the couch and said to the cucumber, "Larry, tell me about your childhood."

see, I'm thinking about veggietales after that previous comment.

Erin said...

The asparagus had a secret violent side(probably from being left alone in a dark field as a young shoot), which became apparent when he was arrested for trashing the tomato and carving the cucumber in a fit of unsuppressed rage.

Tera Rose said...



Erin said...

LOL Tera Rose you and I were posting at the same time...so I wasn't trying to copy! Really!

And yes, I suppose for most of us one thing comes to mind when we hear the word "asparagus".

Mike said...

The asparagus because the atractaspis bibronii family in South Africa were very fond of the Mercury Seven; especially this guy.

Susan said...

The asparagus turned green at the thought of a fishguts smoothie.

(Jon is having a bad influence on me. lol)

Sue said...

LOL! These are so funny :) How long do we wait before awarding?

OKay, Mike - this is so cryptic that it's boggling my brain. What the hell are you talking about, dude?


Tera Rose said...

Im glad you asked sue because I was confused....snakes in africa what?

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Oops, typo.

Sue and Katherine: so we have an asparagus, Africa, a snake and an astronaut. Perfectly clear to me.


Mike said...


asp are a gus

Erin said...

Whew! Thank for clearing that up. I thought you forgot your meds today or something! ;-)

Erin said...

(Very clever, I might add.)

Sue said...

Ahh, Mike! You must do cryptic crosswords. Smart cookie :)

I love all of these answers, they cracked me up :) I think I have found my favourite "then some" :)

I have to give it to Susan simply because I laughed loudest at the thought of an asparagus drinking a fishguts smoothie.

Over to you, namesake! (I am a susan too but I am far too rude and loud and obnoxious to use that name :)

Susan said...

Thanks Sue. Glad it gave you a laugh.

(I should acknowledge Jon's inspiration from a previous round, even though he seems to have disappeared. Thanks Jon :))