Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tell a story in 6 words

I'm looking for a story in just 6 words.

Hemingway wrote a famous six word story which was: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Famous quotes are not allowed.

Click here for more examples.


Tera Rose said...

ouch that made me cry.

6 words? I need a cup of coffee first...I'll be back.

Tyler Dawn said...

Rejected, she stopped believing in church.

I am so bummed I missed the asparagus one... grumble

Delirious said...

She fought the good fight; she finished her course; she won the race.

Erin said...

Surprisingly, asparagus casserole tastes like sushi.


Nene said...

She laughed to keep from crying.

SIX words Delirious,6.

Don't you hate it when your sister nitpicks?

Tyler Dawn said...

Nene, glad you told her... lol

Delirious said...

Oh dang...forgot the six word part lol

Delirious said...

Let me try again:

Her sluggish brain kept on working.

Tera Rose said...

feathers fell landing near Cat's paws.

Valorosa said...

Here's 4 :-)

Coming soon:
Golden highways,tearless days.

Vibrant youth goes to war; breaks.

She zigged but should've zagged

Bermuda Triangle upchucks yacht "FishgutSmoothie"

Susan said...

Ok, time's up. I'm awarding this round to Valorosa for this response:

Coming soon:
Golden highways,tearless days.

I was looking for a response like Hemingway's, that hints at something more which this answer of Valorosa does. Congrats Val.

Valorosa said...

I was hoping one of those would be it!

Back soon

Too busy right now to post.